801 Church Street, Galt 10:00AM

Live Nativity

12/11/2019 Galt Herald article

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6:30 – 8:00pm at GBC (Entry closes at 8:00pm)

Experience a walk through Bethlehem the night Christ was born
Note:  This is not a program, but a walk-through event.  You may arrive at anytime between 6:30 and 8:00pm to walk through this Live Nativity experience.

This annual free event is open to the entire community, so bring friends and family to experience a night in Bethlehem.  The walk-though event is accessible throughout the evening and takes you through the marketplace to enjoy the sights and sounds of old, then to the outskirts of town to visit with Mary and Joseph and the newborn king.
Allow 30 minutes to an hour for your visit.  The event is held on the church grounds at 801 Church Street (south of G Street off S. Lincoln Way).

2019 Live Nativity 8x10 poster

2017 Live Nativity 

2017 Live Nativity

Nativity-2017-C1 Nativity-2017-A8

Galt Herald Article – 12/18/13